Lack of Awareness at a Global Level

Lack of Awareness at a Global Level

It seems the world is transitioning into an utter lack of awareness, at a global level, as to how disconnected we have become, even from ourselves. We have become addicted to a running commentary of life, and like an addictive drug, we must have a constant supply of it, in ever increasing doses, with a higher high, and never-ending supply. Media is our drugstore in which there is hardly any regulation, because of countless channels, without any guidelines. And even if the guidelines were there, they cannot be enforced. Blatantly wrong information, or information in jest is not hard to find on the Internet. Even accurate information gets dissolved in the sea of egos, opinions, and agendas. We need constant dose of it in our cars through radio, in movie theaters with instant messaging and twitter feed. Our day starts off catching up on yesterday’s news and day’s stories, and ends with anticipation of what’s next. For many, it is just the way of life. It is no wonder the general consensus is of loneliness, and depression. We have been ignoring our best friend, ourselves, for some time.

I try to imagine what a mind of a “crazy person” must be like. Before I can try to imagine how an abnormal person’s mind works, I have to try to imagine how an ordinary person’s mind thinks. However, before I can try to imagine how an ordinary person’s mind works, I have to try to imagine how my own mind works. This requires some effort. Your mind must stay focused on itself. It means your senses have to be shut off completely, or involved with the mind in full synchronicity, to look at mind’s own functioning.

I am able to focus solely on my mind just long enough to realize it is an absolute chaos in there. For as soon as the mind slips out of its own focus, random, useless, imagined, and illogical thought patterns drown out all other thoughts. It is this noise we have become addicted to. The difference between a crazy person and myself is my ability to control the thoughts in my mind to stay focused, just long enough, so I can live my life outside of a mental institution. By this definition, many people should not be let outside because they are the ones making news.

But I didn’t write this article just to point out what we all must know in the deepest level of our consciousness to be true, i.e. Humanity is lost. Not all Humanity. There are few who see the writing on the wall. But they themselves have either given up, or see no point in doing their part to bring the rest of their own brothers and sisters back from oblivion. I am writing this to make an appeal, a call to action, to all Humanity. WAKE UP and come out of this trance. Realize that there is only so far we can go before our desired way of life, always just out of reach, will crumble. And the few who realize this must lead the rest. If you feel it is not your duty to lead, then you are asleep, like the rest, and only deluding yourself to be awake. If you feel something needs to be done, then start with yourself. Instead of trying to make others do what you feel is right, just do what you feel is right and set an example. Be a stand out. You may be surprised there are others just like you.

By doing something, I am not suggesting violence. Miscommunication is one of the roots of all evil in this world. What I am saying is that Humanity as a whole functions at an individual level. Therefore, we must become responsible, and wisen-up, one person at a time. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and not lay our beliefs and judgments on others. I am also saying that some delicate subjects should be discussed openely, without violence, and with respect. Subjects such as human population control, and even technology itself. I we cannot help ourselves become addicted to something, then we must save us from ourselves.

We must respect nature’s rules. It allows us to act dominant. It can just as easily humble us. This planet does not depend on us. We depend utterly and completely on it.

By: Amit Singh




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