Inside the Planet is a site dedicated to the concept of truth. The fact of the matter is that truth is not a democracy. Fundamentally, something is either true or it is not. Science is devoted to the pursuit of the truth. We are concerned with the study of reality. This means that accuracy and intellectual integrity matter- that they are essential. We, as a team, strive to achieve that benchmark of excellence with everything that we write.

We believe that the only way to improve and achieve our goals is to strive for transparency and to welcome scrutiny and criticism. We are committed to the free and open discussion of ideas in pursuit of the most current and complete understanding of every topic we cover. We want no stone left unturned. This is a platform where everyone has a voice.

We always welcome questions, and encourage comments, feedback and debate on anything published here. Our job is fundamentally to make sure that we are as scientifically accurate as possible, and to provide a platform for education and discussion for everyone interested in the pursuit of truth.

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