Can Hemp Power Us Into a Smaller Carbon Footprint?

Can Hemp Power Us Into a Smaller Carbon Footprint?


In today’s world, the main concern is how to power gadgets for our daily lives, but most of the ways we charge our gadgets are not the greatest for Mother Earth. Dr. David Mitlin of Clarkson University, New York may have found a super-capacitor in of the inner bark of the hemp plant, which normally ends up as waste in most places that do manufacture hemp. Dr. Mitlin might change the way we charge our phone, cars and any other device that runs on energy, which is almost everything we use in our daily lives.

Imagine only waiting a few seconds for your phone to charge or only a few minutes to charge a car for a two hundred and fifty mile trip. This will be great news for a world that is struggling to breathe from our enormous carbon footprint already created from combustible engines, coal power, and nuclear power to name a few of the big producers that are increasing the carbon output to Mother Earth. This new technology could change the way we do everything on a daily basis.

The main point of the technology is the fact that one uses the waste of the hemp plant that never would be used otherwise. The idea is to use the inner stalk of the plant (commonly waste in the textile world) to make carbon nanosheets that can conduct electricity with the addition of an electrolyte. These super-capacitors could change the amount of time it takes to charge and how many times you have to charge any particular device. This process would take bio-waste and turn it into gold overnight, because everyone would want this technology just to save time on charging cell phones. This could also change how everyone travels all over the world.

There needs to be a shift in how we dispose of our waste products and how we create energy to live our daily lives. The ways of old cannot last forever if we want to live on this great planet we all call home. We have to start now and tell all the corporations that these expensive and toxic producing ways of energy are more outdated than the first cell phone created. It is time to let technology and science produce smarter more effective ways to provide energy to the masses, because coal, and nuclear power are apparently more dangerous to use than they are worth, because people can die very easily from these horribly unsafe ways to create energy. We need ways to create energy that leaves little or no waste and does not leave people with life threatening ailments that have no cure.

We need to restore hemp all across this nation and let this great plant perform in every area of production it can and should be used for. The plant can make biodegradable plastics, clothes that would last longer, food that is coded to aid our DNA and thousands of other usable products all from one plant that can grow in almost any climate and in an extremely small time frame for every crop. The time is now to decide on how we treat the earth for the next generations to live on this great planet.

By Stephen Chaffin


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