Human Beings Evolved From a Fish

Human Beings Evolved From a Fish

Creationists will deny a recent discovery which proves that human beings are descendants of a 415 million year old fish; but like it or not, it’s true.

The 0.8 inch fossil was first discovered in 1970. Examinations of the small fish first revealed that it was a member of the ‘bony’ variety. Dissections using newly developed equipment revealed that it is also related to sea-life constructed of cartilage such as sharks and manta rays.

Discoveries of canals within the brain of the fish convinced scientists that the ‘Janusiscus schultzei’ fossil is the predecessor to all living creatures with workable jaws including humans. Its scientific name comes from the Roman God ‘Janus,’ who had two faces. This fossil has two skulls.

Evolutionists have always theorized that Homo sapiens originated from sea life. This tiny fossil has multiple characteristics found in the brains of humans. X-rays and CT scans indicate that this fish was in the earliest stages of evolution. A 3-D model was created and allowed scientists to examine the physical characteristics more closely.

Scientists believe they have additionally discovered a link between the fins of fish and human hands.

Comparison of the genetics of fresh water fish and the mammalian hands and feet of mice revealed consistencies. The results were very similar characteristics. The development of fins was the result of necessity and survival; while mammals developed hands capable of conquering the needs of being a land-based creature.

By James Turnage


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