General Motors Recalls Cadillac ATS Sedans

General Motors Recalls Cadillac ATS Sedans

Long gone is the slogan; “as American as mom, apple pie, and Chevrolet.” Mom and apple pie may continue to be American, but Chevrolet and its parent company General Motors has lost the faith of our nation’s people.

GM has another switch problem, but this one is unlikely to cost human life. 67,000 Cadillac ATS Sedans have a problem with on ‘overly sensitive’ sunroof switch. It closes with just a slight brush of the control button which is not recessed.

After recalling 2.6 million vehicles last year, GM took quick action to announce the current recall. It affects sedans manufactured from 2013 to 2015. A far more serious problem was found in the more than two-and-one-half vehicles recalled last year. The situation was found in mostly small sedans when the ignition switch would suddenly disengage. The faulty switch has been determined to be the cause of 57 deaths so far. GM has set aside $400 million in compensatory funds for families and victims. No limit has been set on each individual amount of compensation.

GM’s problem with the ignition switch caused implications industry wide in 2014. A record number 64 million vehicles were recalled nationwide.

There have been no reports of injuries related to the Cadillac recall. A minor trim repair is expected to be the only needed repair.

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