Hillary Clinton Receives Endorsement From Boston Globe Editorial Board

Hillary Clinton Receives Endorsement From Boston Globe Editorial Board

On Jan. 24, 2016, the editorial board of the Boston Globe Newspaper published their support for Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary. The board states she is the best choice, not because of her opponents weaknesses but, instead, for her “demonstrated strength and experience.”

New Hampshire’s primary is scheduled for Feb. 9, 2016. The paper’s editorial board believes the U.S. has different challenges in 2016 as opposed to when Clinton last ran for president. While they believe Barack Obama has not been able to move forward on all of his proposed agenda, Clinton is the democrat who can “protect, consolidate, and extend” his gains.

The board endorses Clinton, because she is more grounded, seasoned, and has a greater opportunity to move the U.S. forward in the future. Mentioned also, is her 4-year-stint as secretary of state. They also agree with and support her stance on lifting restrictions for federal research into the crisis of gun violence, as well as her goal to reimpose the federal ban on assault weapons. The ban was not renewed when George W. Bush was the president.

Boston Globe’s editorial board cited the statistics on the U.S. gun violence, in 2013, there were over 33,000 Americans killed by firearms. Adding that Clinton has an aggressive record on her stand against guns, whereas, Sanders appears to be disingenuous with his stance. They state, according to his voting record, he is in favor of protecting firearms corporations from legal liability.

They further believe that Clinton is the most likely candidate to move forward immigration reform, claiming it eluded Obama due to his lack of aggressiveness on the issue. She, they assert, is the most likely capable of picking up where Obama left off, supporting the issues he managed to achieve, and standing her ground against the GOP were she elected to office.

By Cathy Milne

Boston Globe Newspaper: New Hampshire should go to Hillary Clinton
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