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The Guardian Liberty Voice was founded by DiMarkco Chandler less than four years ago and 2016 will be a breakthrough year for the rapidly growing online news and information platform. More than just another media company, Liberty Voice sets itself apart from traditional mainstream outlets in two significant ways. With an editorial policy which rejects any individual bias, the site lives up to its Boldly Inclusive tagline by publishing, alongside hard news stories, a wide variety of editorials which span the political and philosophical spectrum. In addition, the publication recruits and develops its growing cadre of citizen journalists through its own intense and selective training program, known as “Writer’s Boot Camp.” The program has become something akin to a university for the aspiring, or already established, professional writer. Although a four-week program is capped by a demanding final testing and evaluation day, the learning process is continual for those talented enough to become certified writers.

In its original online incarnation, the Las Vegas, Nevada-based Liberty Voice was The Guardian Express. Following attempts by a larger yet, less-accommodative newspaper to bring trademark-infringement complaints against the group’s name, it changed its trade name to the Las Vegas Guardian Express and then – in a further attempt to distance itself from the larger, more immense newspaper – to the Guardian Liberty Voice. The new name fits perfectly with the company’s “small ‘L'” libertarian philosophy.

Today, in the United States of America, it is difficult to avoid political labels; the nation is, perhaps, more politically polarized than at any time in recent memory. The word ‘liberty’ should be the most cherished word in the American vocabulary; it is a word which, more than any other, represents the values upon which the country was founded. It is not a word that should be considered the exclusive battle-cry of either side of the modern political divide. When Patrick Henry, in 1775, delivered a speech in Virginia that ended with the words “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death,” he was not expressing a political opinion; he was expressing the entire principle of the American Revolution.

Words like liberty and freedom have, sadly, become associated with a right-wing point of view. That should not be the accepted norm. Do not most, if not all, Americans believe at heart in the ideals expressed by such words? At a time when those who talk about self-determination and constitutional rights are branded not just right-wing, but extremist, the Guardian Liberty Voice seeks to remind its readers that these values belong to everyone and have no place in political pigeon-holes.

Today, the majority of Americans still cherish the notion of liberty, even as most elected political leaders, Republican or Democrat, appear to be driven by the insatiable desire to exercise more and more control over every aspect of life, commerce and even, human interaction. Tens of thousands of pages of legislation and regulation – most of which, the average American did not approve – govern the lives and choices of every person. The mainstream media has chosen to abandon its historic role as the institution that speaks truth to power; that questions authority and that keeps the politicians honest. Through barely concealed bias, the establishment media has abandoned the people in the interests of serving its corporate and political masters.

The Guardian Liberty Voice has determined to set itself far outside this trend. Its ever-growing family of writers and editors are not all political animals, but those that are, span the spectrum of opinion; on the Guardian Liberty Voice homepage the US News & Opinion section proudly includes Political Left and Political Right editorials, side-by-side – the only major media publication to do so. Whilst adopting editorial guidelines that do not allow for un-corroborated accusation, personal insult or incitement to violence, the Liberty Voice newsroom allows its writers an unprecedented amount of freedom in the opinions expressed.

While this publication prides itself on the message it also takes pride in its methods. The Guardian Liberty Voice has become a virtual university for writers. Editors work closely with writers to nurture a high standard of professionalism, respect, integrity and consistency. Liberty Voice writers are both journalists and story-tellers. Contrary to popular belief, storytelling is, truly, the oldest profession. Storytelling is the way in which the human race has passed down history, wisdom and warning since it developed speech and writing.

2013, 14, and 15 were phenomenal years for the company; 2016 will be the year of the Liberty Voice. Those who wish to travel with it on the road to a new era in media publishing are encouraged to do so. However, this journey is not for the faint of heart. The core value of this organization is encapsulated in the words of Thomas Jefferson:

I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude.

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